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This short poem by Joyce Freedman starts as a rollicking read.Joyce Freedman But the strain on the tangled threads of family relationships builds then snaps. It is a powerful poem. Poempig thinks every teenager who has been relentlessly criticised by their father should read this poem.  It frees the spirit and therefore belongs in the class of Jailbreak Prose. 




My father said, in my teenage years 
My finest feature was tiny ears.

My spirit soared; I didn’t know 
Everyone’s ears continue to grow.

He thought I’d be a tad more neat B & w child
If less of me comprised my feet.

My eyes, he thought, were commonplace 
Much better, though, than my acned face.


My ears are huge, my feet are spread 
My eyes are weak—and my father’s dead.


Joyce Freedman



This poem first appeared in Quadrant Magazine: #mce_temp_url# 


Clip Pic Amy Heague:  #mce_temp_url#

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