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This poem captures the troubled reality for many couples trying to conceive today. The power of this poem hinges on what is not said. The poem simply embraces the getting on with reproduction business. But the final line speaks a truth all intending parents need to read.

If only the couple

desperate for a child,

their bedside a litter

of centimetre squares,

a silver-veined stamen

schlucked under her tonguesad couple

before the cock

can crow each day,

slow seep of albumen

from the cracked purse

of her eggs


the sloughing off

of jeans and knickers

and sudden drop

to coitus don’t interruptus



and immediate hoick

of hips overhead

(isn’t it lucky

it’s not salmon

she’s nurturing?)


could take their eyes

off the prize

and laugh. 

Louise Nicholas

Louise Nicholas is an Adelaide poet. She has been widely published and she is active in many poetry groups including Friendly Street Poets.  


Louise recently co-authored a poetry book with Jude Aquilina titled:

Woman Speak published by Wakefield Press. Copies can be purchased through the publisher’s website:  #mce_temp_url#.

B&w pic : webpub on flickr


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