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Charles CorrectionShaggy Doo Beats is the alter ego of Adelaide performance poet Charles Crompton. He is the beat meister. He plays with words. He creates moods with the sounds of words and performs his poems with jazz musicians. Poempig feels this poem captures exquisitely the prickly restlessness and random thoughts of insomnia. 

Shaggy Doo Correction

This poem can be found in Charles Crompton book Shaggy Doo Beats (Readings from the little Yellow Book.) Books can be purchased through the Shaggy Doo Beats website: #mce_temp_url#

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Here is a poem called Mistakes by Adelaide poet Charles Crompton aka professional performance poet, Shaggy Doo Beats. We all want to be grown-up and in control. This poem captures the essence of the offness we all feel on an off-day often in an off-month in an off year. We all have them. Charles Crompton

I was a child

That grew up

But as an adult I still in life can

Muck it up

Fuck it up

Stuff it up

Bugger it up

Screw it up

Mess it uppaint pic

Smash it up

Rip it up

Blow it up

Throw it up

Live it up

Loosen it up

Giveit up

Pick it up

Hang it up

Tidy up.

By Charles Crompton    #mce_temp_url#

This poem can be found in Charles Crompton’s latest book Shaggy Doo Beats which can be purchased through the auhtor’s website.

Clip Art Mark Lawrence  #mce_temp_url#

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The waves are rollingbeebop-cover

Families are strolling

Lifeguards are patrolling

Melanomas are tolling

On a beach

by Charles Crompton

Charles latest book is Shaggy Doo Beats: #mce_temp_url# 

Order @: #mce_temp_url#

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I was finger painting todayfinger-paint2
But it wasn’t going well
I was all thumbs.

Charles Crompton

 Shaggy Doo Beats
Crompton Ink Publishing

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