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The following poem by Jude Aquilina from the recently published  Woman Speak is typical of the way both Jude and Louise (Nicholas) cut and pin the human condition  to the dissection board. Poempig suggests this  is the poem every woman should read if…. well, read on.

I line the kitty litter tray

with faces of brides and groomsdivorce Adam Parle photostream

smiling from Sunday’s news.

Being a recent divorcee,

it says it all really.

Jude Aquilina

Jude Aqu 2

Jude Aquilina is a SA poet whose poems have appeared on wine bottles and shop walls. She has worked as a writer for Flim Flam Singing Telegrams, seller of piano accordions and clerk for the Tax Office.womanspeak140px

She currently works for the SA Writer’s Centre and teaches professional writing at TAFE. Woman Speak (Wakefield Press, 2009 )  #mce_temp_url# was published earlier this year and can be purchased from the publisher.

Pic Adam Parle’s Photostream: #mce_temp_url#


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  This is Jude Aquilina. 

 What can poempig say about this poem of Jude’s?

 Just read it.

 penis poem 2 Correction                                                                                   

womanspeak140px  Jude Aquilina’s poetry has been published in newspapers, anthologies and literary journals across Australia and overseas. Jude has been a regular voice at Friendly Street for the last decade and has been guest speaker at writer’s festivals and community events. Jude has published three collections of poetry: Woman SpeakKnifing the Ice and On a Moon Spiced Night. She also co-edited Friendly Street #24. Many of her poems have won awards.

 Woman Speak can be purchased from publishers Wakefeild Press: #mce_temp_url#

  On a Moon Spiced Night by Jude Aquilina can also be purchased from Wakefeild Press. Information about this book can be found @ #mce_temp_url#

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