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Joel Ma is a young hip hop artist/poet. He brings an electric vibe to poetry performance. This is what poetry can be. Raw, vital and energetic. Poetry differs from music because words cannot simply be carried along by the rhythm or the score. The words must mean something. Yet Ma’s Hip Hop background brings a flowing sensual rhythm to the poetry. Here is a brief extract of the poem which Ma performed on The Sunday Arts program. 

street protest Manda M

 I’m a bleeding heart lefty pacifist amorous anarchist activist Cassius Clay kinda brain with a massive appetite for change.

Joel Ma

Joel Ma hg3    You can find a video download of Joel Ma on the Sunday Arts Program @ #mce_temp_url#   (Poetry Segments 30/09/07 Download also includes Dorothy Porter among other poets.)

Street pic: Manda M’s Photostream: #mce_temp_url#

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