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This is an extract of  Geoff Lemon’s poem  Thank-You for Choosing this Product which Poempig found on the current issue of the Arts Council funded on-line mag Cordite. You canfind the full version @ #mce_temp_url#  The glory of this found (mostly) poem is in seeing a lover as arriving with washing and/or other instructions. It makes you want to look for the label on your current model. This could be the cause of all your problems.

‘Drain your lover completely.washing line d.aria

Prevent exposure to sunlight.


Check for wear and damage at regular intervals.

Warning: Your lover can cause burns.

Avoid direct, prolonged contact with the skin.’

Geoff Lemon

Geoff LemonGeoff Lemon is a busy kid. He’s been running the Wordplay gigs since the start of 2007, and founded Wordplay Collective with Steve Smart in 2008. He’s currently Poetry Editor of Australia’s prettiest literary mag, harvest; and works as a music journalist for MTVBeat magazine, Citysearch, and Wireless Bollinger. His poems and stories have been published in Best AustralianStoriesBlue Dog, and Going Down Swinging, and broadcast a number of times on ABC radio.

 Geoff Lemon runs the blog poetry blog Wordplay with Steve Smart #mce_temp_url#

pic d.aria photostream: #mce_temp_url#

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w s 2 CorrectionThe launch of WomanSpeak by Louise Nicholas and Jude Aquilina will be held at Wirra Wirra Vineyards, McMurtrie Rd, McLaren Vale, SA, on Sunday 13th September as part of the SA Writers’ Festival (a free event from 11am at the winery).  

WomanSpeak will be launched by Professor Margaret Davy (she’s a leading gyneacologist)  at 4pm, and it’s the final event for the festival.  

 Just to give you a taste of the wicked, sassy and uncanny truth expressed by these two poets here is a poem by Louise Nicholas called  The Gift You give Yourself

The gift you give yourself

At the end of another Christmas Dayfireworks

alone at last, secluded,

may all your Christmases come at once –

may batteries be included.

Louise Nicholas

Louise Nicholas is an Adelaide poet. She has been widely published and she is active in many poetry groups including Friendly Street Poets.  

Woman Speak is published by Wakefield Press. Copies can be purchased through the publisher’s website: 

Pic: Epic Fireworks

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  This is Jude Aquilina. 

 What can poempig say about this poem of Jude’s?

 Just read it.

 penis poem 2 Correction                                                                                   

womanspeak140px  Jude Aquilina’s poetry has been published in newspapers, anthologies and literary journals across Australia and overseas. Jude has been a regular voice at Friendly Street for the last decade and has been guest speaker at writer’s festivals and community events. Jude has published three collections of poetry: Woman SpeakKnifing the Ice and On a Moon Spiced Night. She also co-edited Friendly Street #24. Many of her poems have won awards.

 Woman Speak can be purchased from publishers Wakefeild Press: #mce_temp_url#

  On a Moon Spiced Night by Jude Aquilina can also be purchased from Wakefeild Press. Information about this book can be found @ #mce_temp_url#

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“Is there mental illness in your family?”Adell Rucker

 he snorts … matching me to his theses.

“Oh no” I say to his blank face

“It is in the species!”


Kerry Cue

photo: Adell Rucker #mce_temp_url#




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Scruffy, Jack, Spot and Bo

Dogs are called across the planetodd-dog

But something’s wrong, terribly wrong

When you call your dog Janet!

kerry cue

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birds party hard every dawn

they chirp and chortle with easebird-in-tree

hangovers birds must avoid

‘cos they would fall from trees

kerry cue

clipart: Don Graham  #mce_temp_url#

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