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Poetry, according to poempig, should be on every page of a newspaper. This poem demonstrates the possibilities for poetry. This is a poem on one level about sport and a boys love of sport. But there is also a deeper ache to this poem. It is about loss and a father’s love and a boy moving into the bigger world. 

    for Rohan

sporting events

you call them

summoning the family

to a medley of gamesessendonfc

humouring your sister

encouraging your mother

fair in your challenge

forever teaching

me to be a surer kick

a better dad

tall as my father

you never knew

you’re still growing

ready to move

to a bigger league

no transfer fee charged 

your seat always kept free

for home games

  Rodney Williams

Rodney Williams_photo_resized-3

           First published in page seventeen, Issue 5, 2007 #mce_temp_url#

            Editor: Tiggy Johnson

            Rodney Williams recently ran a Haiku and Tanka writing workshop at a writer’s festival in Warragul, Vic. Here is a link to an interview he gave on ABC Radio on Firday 17th July, 2009.     #mce_temp_url#

 Some of his writing is included on this ABC website.

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