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The following poem by Jude Aquilina from the recently published  Woman Speak is typical of the way both Jude and Louise (Nicholas) cut and pin the human condition  to the dissection board. Poempig suggests this  is the poem every woman should read if…. well, read on.

I line the kitty litter tray

with faces of brides and groomsdivorce Adam Parle photostream

smiling from Sunday’s news.

Being a recent divorcee,

it says it all really.

Jude Aquilina

Jude Aqu 2

Jude Aquilina is a SA poet whose poems have appeared on wine bottles and shop walls. She has worked as a writer for Flim Flam Singing Telegrams, seller of piano accordions and clerk for the Tax Office.womanspeak140px

She currently works for the SA Writer’s Centre and teaches professional writing at TAFE. Woman Speak (Wakefield Press, 2009 )  #mce_temp_url# was published earlier this year and can be purchased from the publisher.

Pic Adam Parle’s Photostream: #mce_temp_url#

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Joel Ma is a young hip hop artist/poet. He brings an electric vibe to poetry performance. This is what poetry can be. Raw, vital and energetic. Poetry differs from music because words cannot simply be carried along by the rhythm or the score. The words must mean something. Yet Ma’s Hip Hop background brings a flowing sensual rhythm to the poetry. Here is a brief extract of the poem which Ma performed on The Sunday Arts program. 

street protest Manda M

 I’m a bleeding heart lefty pacifist amorous anarchist activist Cassius Clay kinda brain with a massive appetite for change.

Joel Ma

Joel Ma hg3    You can find a video download of Joel Ma on the Sunday Arts Program @ #mce_temp_url#   (Poetry Segments 30/09/07 Download also includes Dorothy Porter among other poets.)

Street pic: Manda M’s Photostream: #mce_temp_url#

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Charles CorrectionShaggy Doo Beats is the alter ego of Adelaide performance poet Charles Crompton. He is the beat meister. He plays with words. He creates moods with the sounds of words and performs his poems with jazz musicians. Poempig feels this poem captures exquisitely the prickly restlessness and random thoughts of insomnia. 

Shaggy Doo Correction

This poem can be found in Charles Crompton book Shaggy Doo Beats (Readings from the little Yellow Book.) Books can be purchased through the Shaggy Doo Beats website: #mce_temp_url#

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Kicked; peace-loving buttkinsella

Kicked: tree-hugging hemp-clad butt

Kicked: God-doubting butt

Kicked: Unpatriotic butt

Kicked: self-urge to politeness

John Kinsella

This poem is from John Kinsella’s book From America (A poem). Poempig particularly likes this poem because it is a comment on American Culture using the language of that culture. And it is, as a result, harsh.

John Kinsella’s latest book is The New Arcadia  (new_arcadiaNew York: W. W. Norton & Co)


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