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To end a no-fuss friendship. Just Press: DELETE

by Kerry Cue

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 I wonder where the poetry went.se-book3

Our lives are full of noise and news,

there’s always another current event

with red-faced men pounding their views


but poems turn up in the quiet of night:

they’ll soothe you softly when taken alone,

when rhyme and rhythm fit snug and tight

and you’re out of reach of the yabbering phone.


by Suzanne Edgar


Suzanne Edgar’s most recent book is The Painted Lady available now in:
 the bookshop of the National Library of Aust
the bookshop of the National Gallery of Aust
Paperchain Bookstore 34 Franklin St Manuka ACT, info@paperchainbookstore.com.au, 02 62956723; 
from the publisher, Ginninderra Press 79B Lipson St Pt Adelaide SA 5015


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click on the webpage she tells the classplastic-roll

today’s lesson: The Life Cycle of Plastic Grass

kerry cue

clipart: #mce_temp_url#

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luv u 4eva

il nva luv nE1 but u

SEND ………   ALL

kerry cuemobiles1

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