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Here is a sonnet, Corteo D’Amore,  by award winning Canberra poet, Suzanne Edgar, that appeared in Panorama, Saturday, 10 Mar 2012, The Canberra Times.

The poem was written to accompany the picture in the National Gallery.

This sonnet is married to the picture.

It could not exist without it, yet the picture comes to life because of it.


Suzanne Edgar’s book The Painted Lady is available @
the bookshop of the National Library of Aust and the
Paperchain Bookstore 34 Franklin St Manuka ACT.

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When a poet writes an essay they cannot help themselves. Trapped within the essay are literary jewels, poems of exquisite beauty crafted and polished by the poet’s word-smithing skills. Michael Leunig is a poet so it is not surprising that his essay ‘Sleeping in on Doomsday’ from the Good Weekend, The Age (Sat 28th Nov 2009) had a poetic sensuality. This embedded poem in the essay addresses the hopes Leunig has for his children, that they will not be tethered to the family tree but rather free to fly. free as they wish. Moreover, it is within all our capabilities to escape the gravitational pull of our origins.

…no shares in any great cultural franchise

with stories of tragedy and triumph,

and don’t have much in the way of extended family.

None of this to enshrine and uphold.

They are unadorned earthlings.

Human nature is their story.

The spirit of the country runs out of the earth

And the air and into their bodies like a mystery.

This is their inheritance.

It is no virtue, no deficiency and no advantage;

This is simply their lot.


I see them asleep at night, these beautiful earthlings;

their faces still so glowing and  open and young.

There are many of them in this world and in this land.

When they awaken they will create their own way.

Michael Leunig  


 Michael Leunig is a Melbourne cartoonist, artist and poet. His short and often melancholic poems are published in a number of Australian newspapers. His  enchanting poems have been published in books available through his website.

Earthlings pic karstenkneese’s photostream

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Poetry, according to poempig, should be on every page of a newspaper. This poem demonstrates the possibilities for poetry. This is a poem on one level about sport and a boys love of sport. But there is also a deeper ache to this poem. It is about loss and a father’s love and a boy moving into the bigger world. 

    for Rohan

sporting events

you call them

summoning the family

to a medley of gamesessendonfc

humouring your sister

encouraging your mother

fair in your challenge

forever teaching

me to be a surer kick

a better dad

tall as my father

you never knew

you’re still growing

ready to move

to a bigger league

no transfer fee charged 

your seat always kept free

for home games

  Rodney Williams

Rodney Williams_photo_resized-3

           First published in page seventeen, Issue 5, 2007 #mce_temp_url#

            Editor: Tiggy Johnson

            Rodney Williams recently ran a Haiku and Tanka writing workshop at a writer’s festival in Warragul, Vic. Here is a link to an interview he gave on ABC Radio on Firday 17th July, 2009.     #mce_temp_url#

 Some of his writing is included on this ABC website.

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The First World War produced poetry made especially poignant by having been written by those at the war front. Yetfew poems of any length match the power of Rudyard Kipling’s couplet written as a response ot the loss of his son in that war:wwi

 “If any question why we died

Tell them, because our fathers lied.”


Rudyard Kipling

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