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The cure is not in the chemo, blade or pill.     pills

It is in the reckoning.


Why me? Why me? Why me?


 Fate can be a bastard

What did you expect?

Garlands of good fortune?

A ticker tape parade along Destiny Drive?

Dorothy and Toto skipping you down the Yellow Brick Road?


Or maybe you felt that God

–      as a one of interventionist favour-

would lasso that renegade cell gone cancer cowboy

or get out his godly remote and stop that lunatic car

or turn omnipotent bouncer and block your entry

in the dance of destruction, Pandora’s Choice!


It matters not.


 Pandora chose you.

That is the reckoning.


Later – if there is a later –

It is time to weigh, sift and till

Find the fertile lobe

Sow new thoughts of how you are to be

Grow new ways of thinking

This is me! This is me! This is me!

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