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The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that a monkey hitting typewriter keys at random for infinity would eventually type out  the complete works of Shakespeare. Poempig has always argued that a monkey sitting at a computer hitting the keys at random would type out a sports article in two minutes. Unfortunately, randomness and computers give poetry a very bad name. Here is an example of computer generated poetry from from endlesspoetry.com   How thrilled would your Grandma be to get this poem???????? You’ll find more atrocities @ #mce_temp_url#

Grandma Poem

see, from this counterfeit of him

candles toppling sideways in tomato cans

long has the summer sunlight shone
monkey type writer

there were three in the meadow by the brook

high-born race

a flying word from here and there
as it

for these white arms about my neck

are you awake?

once this soft turf

there is no escape by the river

by Computer as Poet

Pic: Wikipedia:#mce_temp_url#

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