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The following is a quote/poem, which you will find embedded in My Colombian Death, the latest book by author Matthew Thompson. The quote is about running with ‘ bulls and murderers’ but 

the impact of this self-contained poem emerges from how it challenges each of us to stop and reflect on our own life.

‘I know it in my bones now colombian-death

that the raw shocks of life 

-even as they wound, or threaten to –

shake existence into its essence.

It’s lack of impacts that undoes a man.’

by Matthew Thompson

                                                                             My Colombian Death (Picador) #mce_temp_url#

Quote from p40 Review  The Australian Running with the Wild Bulls Imre Salusinszky (Feb 7-8, 2009)

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Lunch poem

Fans of Sylvia Plath take note. This poem was composed by a 4 yo hopping on one foot. Nevertheless you may detect a Plathesque tone.



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Quote/Poem found embedded in a extraordinarily poetic and thoughtful article on depression and kindred demons by author, James Bradley

Published in the Age Saturday 25th April, 2009

‘To be elated,black-dog-poem1

whether in the grip of a creative fervour

or for less exalted reasons,

is to feel oneself light and quick as fire, 

to know the unity of thought and action:

to be depressed is to feel an emptying out

at the heart of things.’

James Bradley    #mce_temp_url#

Article first published in Griffin Review, Ed 23, Essentially Creative, Feb 2009, ABC.

James Bradley’s lastest book:resurrectionist-cover-uk12

The Resurrectionist

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Click on: ADD TO THE LIST. There’s no need to meetsign-1

To end a no-fuss friendship. Just Press: DELETE

by Kerry Cue

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when I lost you
my father-in-law planted a shrub.
viburnum, he said.
it’ll flower this time every year.

when I lost you
my friend sent me a shawl.
pashmina, she said.
let it hug you sometimes.

when I lost you
the doctor gave me a tissue.
failed pregnancy, he said.
come back when you finish bleeding.

when I lost you
you gave me a strange farewell.
eleven weeks of food and love, you said.
it was all I needed.

by Melinda Smith

More of Melinda Smith’s Poems  #mce_temp_url#Photo of Melinda Smith

published in Quadrant November 2006 – Volume L Number 11

clipart: Haiku Heidi  #mce_temp_url#

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Cocooned in bedcocoon

I break out slowly

A new life form

One day older than the last

Kerry Cue

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The waves are rollingbeebop-cover

Families are strolling

Lifeguards are patrolling

Melanomas are tolling

On a beach

by Charles Crompton

Charles latest book is Shaggy Doo Beats: #mce_temp_url# 

Order @: #mce_temp_url#

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